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Prominent Associate:
Carson Fire/Elf Life

Thanks for all the links!


Tristan Walling


Malkin (once he gets a site again)

Gilda Laura Rimessi

Christopher Martin

Links of artistic interest

Mark Bode

Phil Foglio

Phillipe Druillet

(Currently down?)

Charles Vess

Lord Dunsany estate
My favorite fantasy writer

Youhei Kozou

Creator of the "Spunky Knight" series

Other Art Links and areas of interest:



Companies I like

Wacom:   They make the best graphics tablets,
which they support even after 5 years and two
different computers.  
(and my Art Pad II STILL WORKS!)
Macromedia:  Makers of "Flash" my favorite animation tool!
Caligari:  Makers of "TrueSpace 4", my 3D software.

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