Gift and Guest artwork

    Gift/Guest art sections are sometimes my favorite places on artsites on the web.  I have found quite a few of my favorite online artists this way.  If anyone wishes to draw one of my characters, please do so and e-mail it to me.  I will post it with credit and a link to your site!
    I especially like having an image where someone's original characters interact with mine as I like to try that with other characters.

1.      by Gilda Laura Rimessi.
2.     by Dale Broda Jr.
3.     by CJ.
4.     By Chuck Whelon.
5.     By Aaron Williams.
6.      By Dale Broda Jr.
7.    By Lockey.
8.    Another contribution from CJ.
9.      A preview of a guest comic from Lockey.
10.    A picture of Triciam Yves, based on an earlier pic of mine by Lockey.

Gift art:

I can't tell if he's enjoying it or not! 1.     Comic Response to Chuck Whelon's picture!

2.    "Fairy Hunt" this story has gift art for many different people, all credited in it:-)

3.  A pic I did of some characters from Ghastly's "Ghastly comic"

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